Is Bob Really a Weatherman?

Yes, Bob holds a masters degree in meteorology from Penn State University. From 1999 to 2005, Bob worked as a television weatherman (Altoona, Pa., Fort Smith, Ark., and Johnson City, Tenn.) where he developed his unique style of blending education with entertainment. Leaving the camera behind, Bob worked for 4 years in the print/online world as Assistant Weather Editor at USA TODAY.

After a decade working in weather, Bob returned to the classroom (following college, he started as a high school science teacher). He now works as a physical science/astronomy instructor at Itawamba Community College in Fulton, Miss. No matter the day job, education has always been Bob's vocation -- he relishes every opportunity to get into classrooms with his exciting weather presentation -- "I hope that I can inform and entertain, perhaps even inspire some students by showing that meteorology, and science in general, can be fun!"

Is Bob Really a Musician?

Bob got a late start in his musical career, picking up the guitar for the first time after finishing college. Within a few years, he was playing harmonica, banjo and mandolin as well. He encourages his young audience members to get involved in music -- "I tell students to pick up an instrument as soon as they can, as it can provide a lifetime of enjoyment."

With a few instruments under his belt, Bob began to write weather music, performing and perfecting his songs in front of hundreds of classroom and library groups. His weather performances often feature weather games, several science demonstrations, and, most importantly, his self-penned weather songs, including the break-out hit, "The Weather Wiggle."