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These tunes aren't on "Do the Weather Wiggle with Stormin' Bob Swanson," but check out these demo versions of tunes that might make the next CD.

Kids are Talking

Thank you for coming to our class on Friday. It was very fun. Some people that come to our class are almost boring, but you weren't boring at all. You weren't even almost boring! I especially liked your story. I am very glad Mrs. Scheurer asked you to come here. All of your instruments were really amazing!--Robyn, Mrs. Scheurer's Third Grade, St. Mary's School

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Stormin' Bob in the press -- Check out this feature article about Bob's weather performances in The Daily Journal. Bob is booking for events in the coming year -- see the "Contact Bob" page for contact information. Of course you can always friend me on Facebook.

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Bob's promotional video

Stormin' See what Bob does during his interactive, entertaining school and library programs. Bob crushes a can with his bare hands . . . and a pair of tongs . . . and a hot plate . . . and a pan of water.

Elsewhere on the web

Bob is featured in a recent issue of Invitation Tupelo . Read about Bob's adventure with an infrared telescope aboard a NASA aircraft.



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